Advice that won’t make a liar out of you . . . #amwriting

I have a bad habit of taking an extended break in between writing stages. From pre-writing to drafting, drafting to editing, round one to second edits, etc.

My plan is always to take a week off.

Seven days of no book thinking.

Unfortunately, seven days has a bad habit of turning into seventeen days or, that one time, thirty-seven days.

During my last hiatus I heard the best advice that helped me get back into the writing mood. It worked better than the #amwriting hashtag, which I tried to use as an incentive to get writing because no one likes a liar . . . yeah, it didn’t work. So, you want to know what I heard?

Just two words. NOVEL ENGAGEMENT!

Some of you might have heard this term already, but I’m always behind the times, so it was a first for me. And, man, was it a life saver.

NOVEL ENGAGEMENT: Spend 20 minutes every day on your book

Whatever phase you’re in, devote at least twenty minutes to your novel. Twenty minutes writing. Twenty minutes with Google Earth and your book world. Twenty minutes checking to make sure you really need those adverbs.

Just twenty minutes.

Every day.

Make the commitment.


What about you? What’s your favorite, and most inspiring, writing advice?


5 thoughts on “Advice that won’t make a liar out of you . . . #amwriting

  1. If it was only that easy LOL..

    I am still an amateur, I am a writer but it never as easy as the authors make it sound. Grin.
    Does it not count that the must is just the thing that holds you back. 20 minutes is nothing on a day.

    I am making an habit to write a bit and sometimes go back and read. Since I am a pantser It is to check if it all still fits. And do some editing/changing before hand

    Am smiling and seeing so many different people doing it differently. In the end we do it by trial and error.

    Big hugs and thanks for the smile. That reminds me, I am to write on Crestoria today

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