Do You Know Who I Am?

Love this guy and his “daddy adventures”! Check him out.

My Least Favorite Child Today

February 5, 2016

These babies are 8 1/2 months old and I’m pretty sure they’re getting a handle on who’s who.  They’ve figured out my wife is Mommy.  That’s a pretty easy one.  They were inside of her for 39 weeks and when they got out they were thrown at her boobs pretty quickly.  If they didn’t catch on to who she was, I’d be concerned that they were either morons or just playing on her insecurity.  They spend over 100 hours a week with her.

breastfeeding-baby(I know the breast, but I can’t quite place the face)

They’ve figured out who the girl is who runs the daycare.  She’s the awfully nice lady who lets them play with all her toys and seems to have way too many children for just one person.  They might think that was irresponsible of her but they turn a blind eye because she’s fun…

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