#Amreading and I want to punch the author in the face!

Have you ever been in the middle of a book and the foreshadowing clues the author left are finally clicking into place and you throw the book down, hands raised in the air, and say “Nope. Just can’t. How could the author even think of putting the beloved heroine through that?”

And even though you haven’t read it yet, you still feel all the emotions as if you had. Shock. Angst. Confusion. Worry. Desperation. Sadness. Then you imagine the hero walking in. Seeing what the author has done to the love of his life and you start to tear up.

Then you realize the only way you can really get over it is to get through it.

So you have to finish reading it. Get to the end where the HEA is waiting.

And if for some reason it isn’t, you are fully fine with committing murder. Because seriously! What the hell was the author thinking putting the heroine through all that?!?

Yeah, so . . . I’m still stuck at the “have to get through it” part. Trying to psych myself up . . . so far it’s not working. 😦


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