Fangirl or Unhealthy Obsession? Case No. 7

Case No. 7

So you finished re-reading the series for the third time. The next one won’t be released for two more months. Two choices:

  1. Read ’em again
  2. Read something else

Option number one is certainly the preferred choice. I’m mean you’re already missing, and I mean MISSING, that world. But, sigh, number two is probably the saner option.

Choosing to jump into bed with another book will help nullify the power that series had over you. You’ll be able to eat normally again, since you’ll have time to go to the grocery store.

You randomly pick out your rebounder, because let’s face it, it’s not really about what’s in between the pages. You’re just looking for a distraction. But a pretty cover will certainly help ease the transition and if you can manage to get some explosive scenes with it… well, who doesn’t love those, right?

And when Rebounder does something unexpectedly funny or charming, you’ll laugh, allow yourself to be taken in. Because that’s what this is about. Moving on. Enjoying yourself. Letting go.

NO! PUMP, actually I mean STOMP, on those motherfucking brakes.

That’s not what this is about AT ALL. Rebounder is just a distraction. Because you are most definitely getting back together with Series in two months. TWO. MONTHS.

This wasn’t a break up at all, this was just you and Series taking a break. Not parting for forever. Just for right now.

So even if Rebounder gave you moments of pleasure – like multiple moments – and its cover was pretty, maybe even prettier than Series in certain lighting, it doesn’t matter. Nothing and no one can entice you away from your relationship with Series.

You’ll make it through this short break. You’re strong.

Besides you can just re-read all those books to help pass the time.




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