#AmReading Awesome New Authors

I found three new authors and with it three new series. All of them short. So, no biting my fingernails, waiting with my foot tapping for the next book to come out, which sometimes . . . can be a nice change.

First one, Jessica Brodie Diaries by K.F. Breene (AKA Willow Summers). And, psst, the first book in the series is free for your Kindle.  Great romantic comedy series. I didn’t want to say goodbye to these characters, so I immediately re-read the first book after finishing the third.



The second one, Briarcrest Academy series by Ilsa Madden-Mills. Sweet, sensual, coming of age books I couldn’t put down.



Third, Ignited series by Desni Dantone. I bought all four of these paranormal romances before I even finished reading the first one.  And, yeah!, the first one in the series is free for Kindle readers.

Ignited Series


Have you found a new author lately?

One thought on “#AmReading Awesome New Authors

  1. I recently found out about Simone St James. I love all of her books, because they present like historical (post-war) romance, but with a supernatural twist. They’re unlike any others I’ve read. My favourite so far is Silence for the Dead.

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