The Magic Language of Flowers

Flower power!


The Victorians had their secret language of flowers, but flowers have a magic language as well. And since it’s spring, and flowers are bursting into bloom wherever I look, I couldn’t resist adding bunches to my blog. Because sometimes, I just want things to look pretty.

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magic language of flowersThe rose corresponds to water and the planet Venus, and is sacred to Isis, Aphrodite, Eros, Demeter, and Cupid. Little wonder it’s frequently used in love spells.

magical language of flowersThe iris also corresponds to water and Venus, and is sacred to the goddesses Iris and Juno. Since Roman times, it’s been used for purification spells. Just place fresh irises in the space to be cleansed to give your cleansing ritual a boost.

Magic language of flowersSweet-scented jasmine not only can help you sleep, it can increase your psychic powers while dreaming. It corresponds to the Moon and the water element, and is sacred to…

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