I Exist!

Absolutely adore this #poem

Ranting Crow


I exist

Without you seeing
appearing in dreams
to visit you at night.
Only to vanish
when you open your eyes.

I exist, 

Without you hearing
sensing the touches
that cares your skin
whispers travel in silence
like a breeze around you.

I exist,

Without you knowing
I’m standing behind you
night and upcoming day.
guiding your actions
with unseen strings.

I exist,

Because you want me to
become the master
of your heart and soul.
spread love through pulsing veins
And lay bare your truest desires.

I exist,

In the depths of your affection.
Fulfilling the needs
with my pleasures.
Take all you offer
So that I exist only for you.

©Ranting Crow 2014-’16

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