Fangirl or Unhealthy Obsession Case No. 12

I woke up from a horrid nightmare the other day. And by nightmare, I mean staring off into space for 5.6 seconds while waiting for the light to turn green.

I had some crazy mental disease. Husband threw me into an institution. (Thanks, Husband. We WILL speak about this later.)

Now, here comes the scary part . . . I couldn’t bring my books.

Like any of them.

No Kindle either.

It was absolutely ghastly. (Just watched Harry Potter, can you tell?) My chest felt tight. I was totally breathing funny. Tears pricked my eyes.

At the next red light I just had to check with Dr. Google. I mean, is this a thing?!? Could this really happen?

To never, ever, EVER, be allowed to read The Ghost Bird series, again?

To never, ever, EVER, learn what happens to Sang or Mr. Blackbourne? (Sigh. Mr. Blackbourne.)

But, thank God, for Dr. Google.

All is good. I’m just a book lover.


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