#NewRelease #DreamCast

The best writers use all five senses in their work.

I work best when all five of my senses are actively engaged during the writing phase: Fallen Death’s soundtrack flowing through my headphones on repeat. The scent of Terro’s Home Insect Killer filling my nostrils. (Don’t judge. My writing room is in the basement. I have a strict NO SPIDER policy.)  The sweet tanginess of Swedish fish imploding in my mouth as I shovel it in by the handful. (Hey, I work out five days a week. I’m allowed.) The hard smooth keys as my fingers tap, tap, tap on the Mac laptop.

And the sight of my characters posing in their collage.

SARID, the hero, resembles Hounsou Djimon. He has that “don’t fuck with me” stare down pat.


120409113248-exp-african-voices-djimon-hounsou-b-00001301-story-top (1)


ASJHONE, the heroine, resembles Sanaa Lathan. Love her sexy, yet sweet, girl-next-door good looks.




WAYNE, the antagonist, resembles Robbie Jones. His cocky smirk says it all. 





Fallen Death (Trihune Series Book 3) will be released on July 13 at an Amazon near you!


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