My Life At This Moment #JobHuntingSucks #INeedAJob

Okay, so my plan was to apply to five secretary/clerical jobs a day. I should definitely find a job in the Birmingham, Alabama area within a month if I apply to five jobs a day. Right?


Yeah, so I never thought that after a week of searching and applying, I would actually run out of jobs to apply to . . .

Never. Crossed. My. Mind.

In my defense, it’s been 12 years and 10 months since I had to look for employment.


I’m practicing my next POA (plan of action). What do you think?

“Welcome to Chick-fil-a, home of the original chicken sandwich. Would you like some waffle fries or a cup of soup with your meal?”

Pretty good, right? You’d hire me, wouldn’t you?



3 thoughts on “My Life At This Moment #JobHuntingSucks #INeedAJob

  1. That really sucks. Good luck with it. I consider myself very fortunate that I haven’t had to search for a job in this job market. I was lucky to graduate college at a time when one could have a job lined up before graduation (and I’m still at that job)

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