My Blow Up Christmas

This will be the first Christmas in our new beautiful Sweet Home state. This will be the first Christmas we’re not surrounded by family or friends. This will be the first Christmas Husband and I are not with our children.

So we thought this first Christmas deserved wacky fun decorations. (And our decision had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that our regular decorations are somewhere deep inside a complete filled, floor-to-ceiling, better-not-open-it-without-body-armor, 10 x 15 storage unit.)



The blow up tree – yes, blow up – brings a smile to my face. The sticker bow ornaments receive a chuckle. The extra large Mom and Dad stockings, and teeny tiny Daughter stocking makes me laugh out loud. (Our daughter doesn’t share the same opinion.) But my absolute favorite: The wine bottles’ ugly Christmas sweaters.

Yes, this first Christmas will be tinged with sadness. We will miss our family, and if it hasn’t snowed yet, our home state as well. But it will also be filled with mirth as I fit another ugly Christmas sweater on a recently emptied bottle of wine and have a potato sack/Christmas stocking race with my Husband.

Are your decorations up yet? Share a picture in the comments!

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