Do you write on the weekends? #WordCount

On Saturdays and Sundays I don’t give writing more than a passing thought. This is for a variety of reasons: not enough time, giving my muse a break, laziness, recharging my creative batteries after a long week of too much and not enough… If an idea hits, I write it in my Notes App and then go on with my day.

But when Monday arrives and I sit down to start the writing work week, Muse will stretch his fingers over the keyboard with a great big smile.



And the grin stays in place because we’re just sooo happy to be writing again.



Then I think: Maybe we should write on the weekends…

But instantly, I get this:



And I’m pretty sure it’s from Weekend Selfish RB.

She’s pretty determined.




So for now, until I can convince her to give it a try, I’m stuck with super happy Mondays.



And that’s not all bad.

2 thoughts on “Do you write on the weekends? #WordCount

  1. I try to write every day (not always successfully, but I try). So, yes I write at the weekends. I have a full-time job (Monday-Friday). During the week I write during my lunch hour and/or during the evening while, at the weekend I spend a part of both Saturday and Sunday composing poetry. Kevin

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