My Week in Writing #WordCount UGH!

Have you ever seen a taffy machine at work? How it slowly rotates the taffy around and around. That’s how it felt writing this week.

I’m not sure if my brain was the machine and my muse the taffy, or the other way around. But the words just came soooo slow.  The one day I managed to hit my quota, it took twice as long to get there.


This week’s low count isn’t entirely because of my current pants status or my muse’s taffy fixation, though.

The boss is also to blame.

MONDAY started off okay. I was still positive.


TUESDAY needed some encouragement. I can do this. I can get the work done and still write.





FRIDAY . . .



Yeah, that pretty much sums up my week. How was yours?

2 thoughts on “My Week in Writing #WordCount UGH!

  1. My week has consisted of about 2,000 words (give or take), split between two projects. So, not a whole lot, but I tend to stick to about 300 words a day because if I tried anything more I’ll usually burn out easily! Wonderful that you hit 4K+!

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