Breaking the seal, is that a real thing?

I recently started drinking a gallon of water a day. I saw an article online and thought, huh, I wonder if I can do that.

Don’t judge, you should’ve seen me after I watched Wonder Woman. (Jamie Grace decided to video hers for all the world to see. . .  So brave.)

The only difference I’ve noticed: Extra Bathroom Time

The bathrooms in Von Maur are absolutely amazing! There are actual doors on the stalls, along with deep and wide insets for your purse and bags.

And you have your own sink and mirror. There’s also handles on the cabinet for your purse. Ah . . . it’s like your bathroom at home . . . just a bit nicer.

And it got me thinking back to my twenties when I first started “legally” drinking. It was big deal to hold off your first bathroom trip of the night, because once you “broke the seal” you’d have to go constantly.

Not interested in getting a UTI, I never tested the theory since I started my gallon per day trek, but has anyone else heard that saying? And, is it really a thing?

Well, I consulted with Dr. Google, and here’s what she had to say.


One thought on “Breaking the seal, is that a real thing?

  1. LOL “Like the bathroom at home, but nicer.” I have heard that theory but I have never been one to hold on and subsequently spent a lot of my youth in pub toilets.

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