My Week in Writing #WordCount

The week was going good until yesterday. . .

I lost control so fast!


I fear another I don’t even want to say it is coming . . .

No! Don’t even think it!


And I finished Wednesday’s writing thinking maybe next week I’d try for 1,500 words a day.


Yeah . . . Not gonna happen.

Sigh. It doesn’t help that I just want to be finished with this first draft already.


How was your week?


Week in Writing #WordCount


I’m happy with this week’s count. I lowered my daily quota from 2,000 words to 1,000 words and every day I surpassed my goal.


Sometimes you need small wins in order to accomplish great deeds.


I think I can safely say (in a whisper, lest the Powers That Be hear and decide they feel like flaunting their authority again) I managed to break through my block. ForEVER turned out to only be seven days. Thank God!

And I think I’ll keep my 1,000 quota for the next few weeks to make sure this block is good and gone. All in all this was definitely a good week.


How was your week in writing?