Advice that won’t make a liar out of you . . . #amwriting

I have a bad habit of taking an extended break in between writing stages. From pre-writing to drafting, drafting to editing, round one to second edits, etc.

My plan is always to take a week off.

Seven days of no book thinking.

Unfortunately, seven days has a bad habit of turning into seventeen days or, that one time, thirty-seven days.

During my last hiatus I heard the best advice that helped me get back into the writing mood. Continue reading

RB: Advice to New Writers

Listen to your characters. Your muse. Your Rice Krispies. Whatever you want to call it. Then most importantly: do what they tell you.

J.K. Rowling recently gave an interview in which she states Ron and Hermione never should have ended up together. This was her reasoning: Continue reading