Me After “After You” #MyHeartHurts

(If you missed my post on Me Before You, go here first.) 

Well, I didn’t break down this time. My Kleenex box is still half full. And I’m thankfully headache-free.

But my breath had caught a lot. There were many heart-wrenching moments. A couple spots where tears filled my eyes. Then there was this line, oh this line, and the tears grew too large to be contained: “Her smile was like his.”

I mourned alongside Lou with every single page. My emotions see-sawed back and forth just like hers. Heart breaking in one to shoddily repaired in the next where I was able to manage a smile maybe even a hoarse chuckle. And I have to say once again, damn, that was a good fucking book.

Me After Reading This Book #bookhangover

The moment I finished reading Me Before You, I rented the movie from Amazon.

Not caring that it was already 1:45 a.m.

Not bothering to stop and wash the itchy dryness off of my cheeks from all the tears.

Not pausing to try and blow my completely stuffed nose.

And even though the book left me despondent and wanting to scream IT’S NOT FAIR!, I frantically clicked play because I didn’t want those feelings to end.

For the next hour and fifty minutes I cried, laughed, smiled, and sobbed my heart out. When the credits finally rolled, I was completely wrecked. My eyes had shed so many tears that they actually hurt. I had a massive headache that Aleve wasn’t going to cure. But I gently closed my laptop and said with a thick scratchy voice, “Damn that was a good fucking book.”