RB: Characters Revolt! Plot Taken Hostage!

About two weeks ago I began having issues with my heroine. There were too many days of dragging every single word out of my head. I knew what the problem was, but I didn’t know how to fix it. I brainstormed. I talked to Ella. I berated myself for not thinking about this problem during the pre-writing stage. It was a MESS.

Then it came to me. An absolutely wonderful solution that I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of sooner. Especially since I’ve used this technique before and had great results. Continue reading

RB: Give ‘Em Flaws

*SPOILER ALERT* The Originals, Episode 106: Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

I’ve gotten hooked on the new CW show The Originals. I first saw the character Elijah in The Vampire Diaries. I always thought he was a bit boring and most of the time tweeted or facebooked during his screen time. He was the resident good guy. Dependable. Responsible. Bo-ring. It wasn’t until Episode 106 of The Originals that my entire opinion of him changed and he went from snores-ville to OMG he’s awesome.

The cause: Ripping the hearts out of bad witches Continue reading