Beginning wine hangover in five, four, three…

Yep, this was me the last few months. But I’m finally finished! Sent the third novel of my Trihune Series off to the editor. Yeah!

I think this calls for copious amounts of wine, don’t you? Good, I’m glad you agree, ’cause I already started.  😉

I’ll be off the Internet grid this week sleeping off the hangover. Have a great one.

“Maybe who we are isn’t so much about what we do, but rather what we’re capable of when we least expect it.” -Jodi Picoult

RB: Help! A Question For #Readers and #Writers

This week I just have a question for the readers and writers out there. 
When I start reading a book, I assume the first scene, the first POV, I read will be of the main character. Do you feel the same?
Readers, how important is it that a book start with the main character? And would you feel ungrounded in the story world if the main character didn’t show up until scene two?
Writers, do you always make sure to start your story with the main character?

RB: Note to Self: Drafting and Editing Don’t Mix

Just in case you haven’t been around these past few weeks, I’m in deep editing mode with Lucas’s Story right now. Cutting modifiers and garbage words. Searching and then destroying all unnecessary “thats”. Finding the waaay too many filter words and rewriting sentences.

Things were going smoothly until I realized I had to write a few more additional scenes.

Shouldn’t be a problem, right?

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