RB: Seriously?! Outlander? Again?

I’m in the midst of editing Lucas’s Story. Ella handed me her critique about two weeks ago and the scenario didn’t play out quite like I’d thought.

Ella: Lucas Story is wonderful! Your best work yet! Don’t change a thing! Your readers will love it!

Me: *blushing slightly* Really! I never thought, I mean in my dreams, I’d. . .

Yeah. Anyways, this is what really happened.

Me: Wow, there’s a lot of red on this. Oh and you changed to purple toward the end.

Ella: Well, I ran out of ink about half way through.

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RB: Sorry, what did you say…

I don’t know how many times I’ve said that to my family these past two weeks. I’ve been working hard to get the second set of edits completed for Callie’s Story and the first draft of Lucas’s Story finished. Even when I’m not in front of my computer they vie for attention.

Lucas said he was patient when I put him aside to finish Callie’s Story, so it’s his turn now. We all know this isn’t true: blog post June 18, 2013, You’re an a$$hole, Lucas.

And Callie is rolling her eyes, stomping her feet, getting ready for a full blown tantrum because she believe the story is more than ready to be read by a “real” audience (because apparently as the author I’m not “real” enough for her).

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RB and Ella: The Come On! Interview

Hey guys, it’s Ella here. When RB told me she’d finished the first draft of her new book, after I picked my jaw up off of the floor (and finished my tantrum) I asked her if she would do a post about how she works. Since I had specific questions she let me interview her, which was awesome, but the post got really long so we broke it up into three separate posts. Here’s the first part of the interview. We’ll put up the next tomorrow and the third the day after. Enjoy! Continue reading