RB: Social Your Media

I knew it was coming. I should’ve had one months and months ago. The whole process was really stressing me out. So, instead of dealing with it I decided to read instead. Kresley Cole and I had a very fun seven days together. It. Was. Awesome. Not very productive, but awesome.

Last week I finally put my big girl pants on and did it. Continue reading

RB: Why isn’t there 34 hours in a day?

I knew this would happen. I took a break from writing and now I’m wondering how to fit it back into my schedule. During the two week hiatus, I’d planned to delve into the social media craziness . . . It  didn’t happen. So not only do I have writing to get back to, which I’m actually excited to do (yeah!), I also have social media stuff, too. Ah!!!

When I briefly thought about taking one more week off from writing and really begin marketing my upcoming book, Callie jumped up and down, waving her arms. “Don’t forget about me! I want my happily ever after. You kinda left me in a shitty spot on that last page.” Continue reading

RB: What to Expect, Part I

A door has followed me around the past fourteen years. It’s pretty. A nice, cherry oak with a gold (seriously, a gold) door knob. When I accepted a publishing contract it swung wide open and beckoned me inside. At first I was in shock. It’d been sitting there closed for so long that dust had collected on the handle. Every once in a while, I’d see light shining underneath it. It looked like a party was happening on the other side. Of course, back then I was never invited. After my initial reaction of seeing the expanse of possibilities within reach, I had a quick stab of fear. For one brief moment I wished that the door had been New York City apartment locked. Not so that is wouldn’t eventually open, but so that it wouldn’t open so quickly.  My fear was soon replaced with excitement and I ran through, expecting it would shut before I could reach it.

Ella mentioned a few times that I should write a post on what to expect after you sign a contract, or go through your door. She doesn’t know Google as well as I do. 😉 I expect that the process varies within each publishing house, but this is what’s happening at mine.

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