Gloomy Wednesday: Ella’s Turn

The Old Dam went off to bed that night, leaving her nephew Mordecai to sleep it off on the floor of her study. She cackled to herself as she pulled the covers up tight to her chin and drifted off to sleep, imagining her nephew waking in the morning to discover his ruination.

She awoke several hours later to the shrieking of the fire alarm. The Old Dam stumbled from her bed, confused and frightened by the noise. Smoke rolled from beneath the bedroom door and the doorknob was hot when she tried to turn it. Continue reading

RB: Story, it’s everywhere

A paper towel caught fire from my toaster oven today. Completely unintentional and unexpected, as I suppose most fires are.

I carefully cared the burning paper to the sink and sprayed it down with water. In less than ten seconds the catastrophe was adverted. As I watched the last of the flames get doused by water a great story idea came to me. It was like the fire itself. Startling, full of heat, and ready to consume. Continue reading