Gloomy Wednesday: Ella’s Turn

Melissa Slogar laid sideways across her bed and stared up at the underside of her lacy pink canopy. She was bored. Bored bored bored bored bored. The house was so empty these days. There was no one to play with, nothing to do. Her mother was hardly ever home and there was no one else left. They didn’t even have those awful parties anymore because practically everyone else was dead, which was so boring. Dead people were boring. Her mother was boring. This empty house was boring. Boring boring boring. Continue reading

Gloomy Wednesday: RB’s Turn

Elias E. Gorr was in a bit of a pickle.

Being allowed entrance into the secret underground poker tournament had given him nothing but pleasure the last few weeks. He’d never have thought his ability to lie to the law about the illegal activities the professor required of him would come in handy. But, alas, he was shockingly good at bluffing.

Too good apparently. Continue reading

Gloomy Wednesday: Ella’s Turn

Melissa Slogar sat Grogar the teddy bear carefully down in the corner of the old bench by the lake, then sat down on the other end of the bench, as far from the teddy bear as she could get while still technically sitting with the bear. After weeks in the prison infirmary the doctors had concluded that whatever the teddy bear had once been, he was now no more than an inanimate object. Continue reading

Gloomy Wednesday: Ella’s Turn

The Old Dam went off to bed that night, leaving her nephew Mordecai to sleep it off on the floor of her study. She cackled to herself as she pulled the covers up tight to her chin and drifted off to sleep, imagining her nephew waking in the morning to discover his ruination.

She awoke several hours later to the shrieking of the fire alarm. The Old Dam stumbled from her bed, confused and frightened by the noise. Smoke rolled from beneath the bedroom door and the doorknob was hot when she tried to turn it. Continue reading

Gloomy Wednesday: Ella’s Turn

Tragedy shook the beleaguered Slogar family this week.

Professor Helena Slogar, continuing her quest to create the perfect husband for her daughter, Melissa, obtained a remarkably fresh brain for Grogar the teddy bear. A healthy young man from a good family who lived in the neighboring town died suddenly from a tragic . . . accident. Continue reading