My Worst Enemy

It’s inevitable. The moment I leave an interview, I immediately go over all the stupid gah!-why-the-fuck-did-I-say that moments. If I happened to be particularly idiotic, it’ll last for days. Sometimes keep me awake.

When that happens I get this out.




Sometimes I have to wear it a few days in a row. #INeedAJob #WhyDoISayStupidShit

My Dream Job #TheOffice

During my days of sitting-on-the-couch, still-unemployed, desperately-scouring-the-net-for-places-to-send-my-resume-to, I’ve been bingeing The Office.


Completely. Love. It.

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.


Why. Didn’t. I. Watch. This. Sooner?

As I rounded season five I came to a decision: I can only work in an office if it’s like The Office. I mean, why would anyone want to work anywhere else?

Alabama Sweet Alabama

I’ve settled into my new life adventure. I’m all unpacked and organized. The apartment looks great. And the pool and exercise facility are hardly ever occupied.
Turtle Lake Pool

Despite the occasionally fallen leaf and acorn (damn clumsy squirrels!), the pool is a great place to hang out with Husband when he gets home from work.


The weather has been beautiful. One Alabamian called it “tropical” and I completely agree. I walk out of my apartment in the morning and feel like I’m back in Cancun.


This is our view from the pool.

This is our view from the pool. The lake is filled with small fish and turtles. I saw a Momma and Baby turtle swimming the other day. So cute!

Toto is actually not the rude lil’ monster he was in Michigan. He happily wags his tail at strangers and dutifully allows his head to be petted without growling or snapping.


The only snag so far is finding a job. There were a couple interested parties but were only willing to offer a couple dollars over minimum wage. Husband and I agreed: not that desperate yet.


I do have a couple interviews coming up, so keep your fingers crossed for me!!