Dear #Kindle, please have your computer guys set this up

I need a button on my Kindle that will choose the most specialist book from my library. A READ THIS NEXT! book.

Dear reader, here’s the next book you should read. You’ll fall in love with the characters, become immersed in the story world. You won’t want to stop reading. The real world will just fall away. This novel will become your most favorite ultimate stress reliever book. 

Yep, I need a button like that. Kindle Coding Guys, can you get working on it for me? Please.

A New T.B. Markinson Release!

At first, everything had been roses and wine. When others warned her about Dennis, Claudia laughed it off.

“Use your head,” Claudia’s mother had said. “How could a man in his early thirties make so much money owning a handful of run-down bars in two small towns in the West?”

“What, you think he’s a drug dealer or something?” Claudia had broken into hysterics. “He hardly looks like a gangster, Mother. Dennis doesn’t wear any jewelry. Not even a wedding ring.” Continue reading