RB: Big – HUGE – Con of the Kindle

I love my kindle. I also love real books. Love their smell, especially if they are from the library. Love the feel of them in my  hands. Love how I can easily be transported into the story world. But I’ve purchased more ebooks this year than real books. Borrowed more ebooks from the library than real books. There hasn’t been anything bad I could say about my Kindle. Continue reading

RB: Finished

I finished writing Callie’s Story.

*pause* (waiting for trumpets to sound. . . the pop of champagne. . . shouts of joy. . . okay, at least some clapping. . . from one person. . .)

Yeah, that’s how I feel. Like I should be shouting for joy. Writing in ALL CAPS because I’m soo excited. But every time I get the tingly feeling in my legs like they want to do a Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer-Xander-happy-Snoopy-dance I’m dashed with a cold dose of reality. Continue reading