Ella: My Sister Wrote a Book and Now She is Taking a Nap

So in case anyone missed it, RB’s book, Fallen Redemption, came out last week and you can buy it here.  For now, it’s available as an e-book only through Amazon, as part of the Kindle Selects program for $2.99 (free to borrow for Amazon Prime members!).  In three to six months it will also be available through Barnes and Noble for the Nook. It’s supposed to be released in paperback in six months, but I’m hoping they’ll have it out earlier, in time for Christmas, so I can give autographed copies of it to everyone on my list.

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RB: A blog? Really?

I like my privacy. Most writers do, right? That’s why we’re depicted as lonely creatures, holed up in a cabin, off the beaten path, deep in the woods where we survive on only the characters in our head. Where we can talk to ourselves. Laugh out loud at our witty dialogue. Where we can down chocolate and caffeine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Where we can stay in our pajamas all day long, or all week long, not shower or wash our hair.

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