A New T.B. Markinson Release!

At first, everything had been roses and wine. When others warned her about Dennis, Claudia laughed it off.

“Use your head,” Claudia’s mother had said. “How could a man in his early thirties make so much money owning a handful of run-down bars in two small towns in the West?”

“What, you think he’s a drug dealer or something?” Claudia had broken into hysterics. “He hardly looks like a gangster, Mother. Dennis doesn’t wear any jewelry. Not even a wedding ring.” Continue reading

RB: Book Tour!

It’s day three of the Fallen Redemption Book Tour. Emma would like to know if it’s weird that’s she’s tired already? I mean, we aren’t even half way through yet. Of course, Cade had kept her on a strict bed rest for the past month or so…  😉

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