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Writing without a soundtrack is like writing without a keyboard.


Here are the artists who guided me through the rough draft and the editing of The Trihune Series Book 3 FALLEN DEATH.

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Demons by Imagine Dragons

I Will Fail You by Demon Hunter

My Demons by Starset

I Am A Stone by Demon Hunter

Try (The Voice Performance) by Tessanne Chin

Suitcase by Mary J. Blige

Stronger by Tank

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkston

Running Away by Midnight Hour

Fear by Jazmine Sullivan

Burn the Pages by Sia

Watch You Bleed by Five Finger Death Punch

You and Me and the Devil Makes 3 by Marilyn Manson

Your Betrayal by Bullet for My Valentine

Temper Temper by Bullet for My Valentine


Fallen Death (The Trihune Series Book 3) available for Kindle on July 13!

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It’s easy to choose death when life has no meaning. Willing to sacrifice himself to protect mankind, Sarid accepts his fate—welcomes the peace it’ll bring . . . until he meets her, and suddenly finds a reason to live. But it’s too late.




Hurt. Maim. Kill.

An explosive, volatile demon lives inside Sarid.

The monster seeks murder and destruction. The man seeks peace, a silence that can only be found in death.

Until he meets her.

But his secret could ruin everything.

Trust her instincts.

Asjhone will do anything to keep her son safe. She conceals her terror during the day, but when the sun goes down, it’s locks, chains, and nightmares.

Until she meets him.

Sarid is everything she’s dreamed of. He adores her son, is kind, and would never hurt her.

But her secret could ruin everything.

Life is made up of choices.

Lose his life or lose his love? Run from her past or stand up and fight?

They must confront their pasts together, and fight for their future against demons determined to win.


Fallen Death (The Trihune Series Book 3) available July 13!

Upcoming Release! #YA #Paranormal

Her classmates are becoming vampires. Sasha is accused of being their Sire. The one person she thought she could trust has turned against her. . . prom and graduation are looming. Will she figure out the mystery of her twin in time?

Hooked yet? I know I am. Sasha Bishop: Shifter will be released in June! Read further for a character interview, the blurb, and an excerpt.

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Fallen Darkness #DeletedScenes

This piece was originally the second to last chapter in the novel. I had to hold back a few tears when I cut it. It was one of my favorite scenes. My editor thought it slowed the momentum of the story down so I did as I often do and bowed to her wisdom. *Contains SPOILERS if you haven’t read the book yet.*

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