RB and Ella: The Come On! Interview

Hey guys, it’s Ella here. When RB told me she’d finished the first draft of her new book, after I picked my jaw up off of the floor (and finished my tantrum) I asked her if she would do a post about how she works. Since I had specific questions she let me interview her, which was awesome, but the post got really long so we broke it up into three separate posts. Here’s the first part of the interview. We’ll put up the next tomorrow and the third the day after. Enjoy! Continue reading

RB: Pinterest, anyone?

I’ve been thinking about joining Pinterest. To me, it would be like an online collage. Yeah! I’m a visual writer. I enjoyed putting together a collage for Callie’s story. I spent waaay more time than necessary at craft stores and too much money on several different types of glue, but it was worth it in the end. Whenever I’m stuck on plot or character, I look at my collage and instantly become immersed in her world. I thought readers might get a kick out of seeing what I see when I write. So, when the Pinterest idea hit, I Googled the ins and outs of it and found one hitch: copyright protected photos. The pics I used for Callie’s collage are filled with images that I could not legally pin without getting approval. Google did steer me toward copy free image sites and that might work for future novels, but not so much for the current ones.

I’m now faced with the dilemma Continue reading

RB: Savor

Since I can remember I’ve liked to know what’s coming next. When I began to use a daily planner about ten years ago, it gave me and my OCD tendencies great joy . . . until now. It came to my attention that my planner had an integral part in creating a very bad habit. I’ve become too worried about the future, about what was next on my to-do list, to enjoy the present. It’s become a habit to say, once I finish this task I can relax. Once the edits are complete on my upcoming release I will be happy. Once I’m done prewriting Lucas’s Story, which is a huge time suck, I will be happy. Once I put up my website and joined Facebook I will be happy. Once I … It was Ella that reminded me that I will always have something that needs to be done. There may not always be a future moment to be happy and relaxed, but I had this moment and I needed to savor it. Continue reading