RB: Savor

Since I can remember I’ve liked to know what’s coming next. When I began to use a daily planner about ten years ago, it gave me and my OCD tendencies great joy . . . until now. It came to my attention that my planner had an integral part in creating a very bad habit. I’ve become too worried about the future, about what was next on my to-do list, to enjoy the present. It’s become a habit to say, once I finish this task I can relax. Once the edits are complete on my upcoming release I will be happy. Once I’m done prewriting Lucas’s Story, which is a huge time suck, I will be happy. Once I put up my website and joined Facebook I will be happy. Once I … It was Ella that reminded me that I will always have something that needs to be done. There may not always be a future moment to be happy and relaxed, but I had this moment and I needed to savor it. Continue reading