RB: Social Your Media

I knew it was coming. I should’ve had one months and months ago. The whole process was really stressing me out. So, instead of dealing with it I decided to read instead. Kresley Cole and I had a very fun seven days together. It. Was. Awesome. Not very productive, but awesome.

Last week I finally put my big girl pants on and did it. Continue reading

RB: Why isn’t there 34 hours in a day?

I knew this would happen. I took a break from writing and now I’m wondering how to fit it back into my schedule. During the two week hiatus, I’d planned to delve into the social media craziness . . . It  didn’t happen. So not only do I have writing to get back to, which I’m actually excited to do (yeah!), I also have social media stuff, too. Ah!!!

When I briefly thought about taking one more week off from writing and really begin marketing my upcoming book, Callie jumped up and down, waving her arms. “Don’t forget about me! I want my happily ever after. You kinda left me in a shitty spot on that last page.” Continue reading