RB: Social Your Media

I knew it was coming. I should’ve had one months and months ago. The whole process was really stressing me out. So, instead of dealing with it I decided to read instead. Kresley Cole and I had a very fun seven days together. It. Was. Awesome. Not very productive, but awesome.

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RB: Where’d it go?

As Ella pointed out—lovingly?—in a previous post, I like things in a set way. Lately I’ve been writing from 6 am to 7 am before work. After a particular nasty workday last week, I needed a distraction from the horrible person that put me in my mood. Reading is my go-to stress reliever. This time it was Callie who popped in, asking to be heard. Husband and Bubbles were gone riding roller coasters so it was just me and Dog for the night anyway. It’d been a long time since I was this energized about writing. Callie and I had a great time. I wrote close to seventeen hundred words in under an hour. It. Was. Awesome. The rest of the week’s morning writing went very well, too. Most every day I wrote over my quota and I was only late to work once because of it.

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