RB: What to Expect, Part V: Timeline . . . so far

I started shopping Fallen Redemption around in September 2012. It was my sixth novel. I was well used to rejection already. My normal strategy was to query an agent or a publisher, wait until they responded then send it on to someone new. This worked well until I was knee deep in excitement over my new story (normally four – six months later). I also would realize that my writing had improved a bit and shouldn’t I just wait until this new book was finished to find a publisher or agent? So I only sent out my previous five novels, at the very most, to eight different places. Not very persistent, I know. My plan for Fallen Redemption was different: I would send it out to three different agents and/or publishers a week. I was extremely diligent (for the most part) and followed this system until Soul Mate Publishing expressed their interest. Continue reading