My Week in Writing #WordCount

I recently discovered the pitfall of pantsing a novel . . .


I’m stuck.

It started halfway through my writing session on Tuesday and continued the rest of the week.

And I couldn’t help but think, repeatedly, my plotter, pretty colored note cards could’ve saved the day.

A character that had page time some one hundred fifty pages ago has come back to play and I need to remember his mannerisms, the tone he favored, and that particular way he looked at my heroine.

It’d been no big deal in the beginning. When everything about him was up to me to decide as I wrote, but now I have to remember what I created. Inconsistencies can be fixed during the editing stage, I know, but the problem is I can no longer “see” this character. Two months ago I could stick him into any situation and instantly know how he’d act. Now I can’t even remember if he wears glasses.


After two and a half days of trying to write this character along with figuring out how the next scene would go, I gave up and instead spent a day reading his previous scenes, relearning everything about him, and remembering all the places I’d wanted to take him.


I might’ve broken a pantser law, but fingers cross, I have a higher word count next week.


My Week In Writing #WordCount

I feel like I’m bragging . . .


When I say I had another awesome writing week . . .


I’m just so happy with how things are going. It’s like I found my writer’s high. I could write for-EVER! I need writing and nothing ELSE!


Well, maybe I could use some food like chocolate. And probably something to drink like wine . . . But other than that, nothing. I need nothing. Nothing else except writing!

Like an opened bottle of wine . . . #wordcount

Today’s count: 1,472 words

Not a horrible accomplishment.

Especially if I don’t take into account that today was a snow day. A day that I had absolutely nothing else scheduled from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.


So, yeah . . .

It’s a crap count. Made more so by the fact that all I did today was sit on the couch, with my lovely mom-made afghan, and watch TV.

A semi-full DVR paired with an unexpected day off is like having an opened bottle of wine in my kitchen . . . any day of the week.

No. Self. Control. At. All.