Ella: My Sister Wrote a Book and Now She is Taking a Nap

So in case anyone missed it, RB’s book, Fallen Redemption, came out last week and you can buy it here.  For now, it’s available as an e-book only through Amazon, as part of the Kindle Selects program for $2.99 (free to borrow for Amazon Prime members!).  In three to six months it will also be available through Barnes and Noble for the Nook. It’s supposed to be released in paperback in six months, but I’m hoping they’ll have it out earlier, in time for Christmas, so I can give autographed copies of it to everyone on my list.

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RB: Storyteller or Writer?

Page one hundred thirty three. That’s what page I was on before I was immersed in the latest novel I’m reading. (See last post: The Middle Beginning for more information.) I finally realized it had nothing to do with getting to know the characters and/or wishing to be in the middle of the story, because at page 133, I’m still not connected with the hero and heroine. I’m immersed in the plot of the book, not the characters.

I know what you are thinking, why didn’t I just put the book down? Unfortunately I couldn’t. It’s a sad, horrible flaw of mine. I once read a 1109-page book that I didn’t like. Why didn’t I put it down? Because I had hope. Maybe it will get better? At chapter thirty-three, I thought maybe this one will be it? At chapter fifty, perhaps this one? It did get better on page 1108 but that was only because I had only one more page to go.

So here’s another award winning author who is a great storyteller, but not a very good writer. How does one become a good story teller? Is it something that can be taught? Continue reading

RB: What to Expect, Part II: Author Bio

Why does my author biography have to be written in third person when I’m the one writing it? It’s weird to write about myself like that. And really, does anyone put what they really want to say in their bio? I mean, why can’t I say:

RB is an AWESOME writer. You will be missing out if you don’t buy her book the moment it’s on sale. Each sentence of her exquisite masterpiece will move you to tears and laughter. Her words of wisdom will inspire you to change your life.

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