Week in Writing #WordCount

I can’t blame this week’s count on the boss.


The words just weren’t coming. Muse and I were fumbling around in the dark still unable to see what’s ahead.


 FYI, that’s Muse’s expression. I managed to be a bit cooler about it all.



I do know how the story will end, of course, along with a handful of future scenes, and I could skip ahead and write those, but it feels like cheating somehow…


The only way through writer’s block is down the middle. I just happen to be chipping away at mine with a butter knife. It’s going to take forEVER.

RB: Note to Self: Drafting and Editing Don’t Mix

Just in case you haven’t been around these past few weeks, I’m in deep editing mode with Lucas’s Story right now. Cutting modifiers and garbage words. Searching and then destroying all unnecessary “thats”. Finding the waaay too many filter words and rewriting sentences.

Things were going smoothly until I realized I had to write a few more additional scenes.

Shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Um… Continue reading

RB: Characters Revolt! Plot Taken Hostage!

About two weeks ago I began having issues with my heroine. There were too many days of dragging every single word out of my head. I knew what the problem was, but I didn’t know how to fix it. I brainstormed. I talked to Ella. I berated myself for not thinking about this problem during the pre-writing stage. It was a MESS.

Then it came to me. An absolutely wonderful solution that I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of sooner. Especially since I’ve used this technique before and had great results. Continue reading

RB: Where’d it go?

As Ella pointed out—lovingly?—in a previous post, I like things in a set way. Lately I’ve been writing from 6 am to 7 am before work. After a particular nasty workday last week, I needed a distraction from the horrible person that put me in my mood. Reading is my go-to stress reliever. This time it was Callie who popped in, asking to be heard. Husband and Bubbles were gone riding roller coasters so it was just me and Dog for the night anyway. It’d been a long time since I was this energized about writing. Callie and I had a great time. I wrote close to seventeen hundred words in under an hour. It. Was. Awesome. The rest of the week’s morning writing went very well, too. Most every day I wrote over my quota and I was only late to work once because of it.

Until this week. Continue reading

RB: I’m (not!) running on E

My original topic for this post was on Pinterest. I’ve been in the midst of deciding which social media outlets to branch into, but this morning my brain was unwilling to cooperate on any writing task set in front of me. So, how can I spark my creativity? Other posts on this topic have been swimming through my mind, but I’ve unable to latch onto a single one that will help me specifically. I’ve dealt with writer’s block before. My method is to just write through it. I write however many pages of crap, pulling each crappy word out one by one on the page until the block is gone.

This is more than writer’s block. With writer’s block, I still want to write. I don’t even have that urge anymore. So instead of looking at beautiful pictures, listening to my book’s soundtrack, free writing about my characters in a non-plot way, all I want to do is ditch my day job, grab a book and sit outside in the sunny weather and read. Maybe sleep, too. Chocolate should definitely be in there somewhere. Oohh, maybe some red wine – it’s five o’clock somewhere. 😉 Continue reading

RB: Savor

Since I can remember I’ve liked to know what’s coming next. When I began to use a daily planner about ten years ago, it gave me and my OCD tendencies great joy . . . until now. It came to my attention that my planner had an integral part in creating a very bad habit. I’ve become too worried about the future, about what was next on my to-do list, to enjoy the present. It’s become a habit to say, once I finish this task I can relax. Once the edits are complete on my upcoming release I will be happy. Once I’m done prewriting Lucas’s Story, which is a huge time suck, I will be happy. Once I put up my website and joined Facebook I will be happy. Once I … It was Ella that reminded me that I will always have something that needs to be done. There may not always be a future moment to be happy and relaxed, but I had this moment and I needed to savor it. Continue reading