RB: Sometimes I just need to — Kittens!

I’ve begun drafting Book 3 of my Trihune Series. Normally at this point the characters are talking (extremely loud!) in my head. Scenes that may or may not make it into the book pop into my brain at various (all the freakin’ time) moments throughout the day (or right before I fall asleep). The excitement to JUST START WRITING is at extremely high levels.

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RB: My Holiday Break With Buffy

Nothing clears a room in my house faster than turning on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Me: *sitting on couch, watching a BVS episode*

Bubbles: Don’t you have all the Buffy seasons on DVD?

Me: Yes.

Bubbles: So why are you watching it on demand?

Me: *pause* Good point. *Sets popcorn bowl off to side. Throws off blanket. Heads to DVD bookshelf. Pulls out season 1* I am so going to need more popcorn. And, ooh, I wonder if I have more of those yummy salted caramels left?

Bubbles: Crap. Why did I say that?

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RB: Help! A Question For #Readers and #Writers

This week I just have a question for the readers and writers out there. 
When I start reading a book, I assume the first scene, the first POV, I read will be of the main character. Do you feel the same?
Readers, how important is it that a book start with the main character? And would you feel ungrounded in the story world if the main character didn’t show up until scene two?
Writers, do you always make sure to start your story with the main character?