I’m gonna do it and NO ONE will be able to stop me!

One day I’m going to live dangerously and buy two boxes of Raisin Nut Bran. . .


. . . pick out all of the raisin nuts from one box . . .

Not as much work as one would think.

. . . and add it to the other. Hmm, maybe I need to get three boxes of Raisin Nut Bran . . .

Then, WATCH OUT, WORLD!, as I enjoy my awesomely, raisin-nut-full bowl of cereal.


I Dreamed I Lost You

“Some days the loss is as fresh as the day the love left. Some days, you can breathe, not think of it for a stretch, sometimes just for an hour or a few minutes, sometimes for days. Sometimes you’ll go a day or a week without breathing once because the loss is suffocating. It takes different faces: anger, hurt, longing. Sometimes it’s bittersweet joy, because for a moment, you had it all. I want to tell you the pain gets easier, but it doesn’t. You only learn to bear it. But there’s comfort in knowing you loved and were loved in return . . . ” Staci Hart, A Thousand Letters

I’m Not Embarrassed To Admit It: Amazon, I Love You!

​When you haven’t ordered anything from Amazon but a package arrives with that insta-recognizable half smile logo.


Little-bursts-of-happiness start firing in your brain. Amazon! I have a package from Amazon!

You pick it up, all smiles, because the Amazon Fairies must know you’ve been a good girl.

But . . .



It’s not for you.



Crushing disappointment ensues, but you try to be brave, because, hey, you knew you didn’t have a package coming.


It still hurts, though.

Damn you, Amazon Fairies! Why couldn’t you have sent me something?!