We loved

“We loved with a love that was more than love.” ~Edgar Allan Poe


I’m gonna do it and NO ONE will be able to stop me!

One day I’m going to live dangerously and buy two boxes of Raisin Nut Bran. . .


. . . pick out all of the raisin nuts from one box . . .

Not as much work as one would think.

. . . and add it to the other. Hmm, maybe I need to get three boxes of Raisin Nut Bran . . .

Then, WATCH OUT, WORLD!, as I enjoy my awesomely, raisin-nut-full bowl of cereal.

I Dreamed I Lost You

“Some days the loss is as fresh as the day the love left. Some days, you can breathe, not think of it for a stretch, sometimes just for an hour or a few minutes, sometimes for days. Sometimes you’ll go a day or a week without breathing once because the loss is suffocating. It takes different faces: anger, hurt, longing. Sometimes it’s bittersweet joy, because for a moment, you had it all. I want to tell you the pain gets easier, but it doesn’t. You only learn to bear it. But there’s comfort in knowing you loved and were loved in return . . . ” Staci Hart, A Thousand Letters

I’m Not Embarrassed To Admit It: Amazon, I Love You!

​When you haven’t ordered anything from Amazon but a package arrives with that insta-recognizable half smile logo.


Little-bursts-of-happiness start firing in your brain. Amazon! I have a package from Amazon!

You pick it up, all smiles, because the Amazon Fairies must know you’ve been a good girl.

But . . .



It’s not for you.



Crushing disappointment ensues, but you try to be brave, because, hey, you knew you didn’t have a package coming.


It still hurts, though.

Damn you, Amazon Fairies! Why couldn’t you have sent me something?!