Demon Hunting Series by Lexi George

These books seem right up my alley. I think I found a new author!

Reviews by Ruckie

This is a summary review for the first three books in Lexi George’s Demon Hunting series.  The books are set in the deep South, Alabama to be exact, and the author is quite well versed in the lingo and the culture.  It’s traditional good versus evil, with the storyline evolving and…mutating with each book.  The Dalvahni hotness that arrives in town to hunt djegrali terrorizing the local populace stumbles upon the delightful and mostly human females…and that is the focal point of the stories.  I definitely enjoyed the writing style and author’s voice as well as her sense of humor.  The characters were adorable and infuriating by turn, and the plots were unique and slightly unhinged.  The author writes the heroines more realistically, which is much appreciated and made it easier for me to connect with the female leads.  As paranormal romances go, these were not heavy on the darkness…

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50 Pots

Great analogy for any task!

Mary Lamphere

I recently heard a story about an art teacher who told his students on the first day of class that there were two ways to earn an “A”. One way was to make one perfect pot, the other was to make fifty pots.

Now, we’ve all been (or may still be) lazy, know-it-all, shortcut takers and easy-outers. One pot? For an “A”? Psh, sounds like a great plan. How hard can perfect be? One pot– the whole semester for ONE pot?!

But the other option… fifty… is the correct one. That’s the choice that teaches you how to make a better pot. A perfect pot. If you make fifty pots over the course of sixteen weeks, your skill will grow and by pot 50, 49, maybe even 48, you might actually create perfection.

One pot is a lot of pressure.
Fifty pots is like baby steps.

I’m adopting this plan for my writing…

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Nine Motivational Quotes to Get You Through Monday

My favorite: “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.”

Suzie Speaks

It’s been a tough few days, so I thought I would share some of my favourite quotes to help get me through a dark, cold and dreary Monday… Simply click on the images to see them in full size.


I particularly like the Karen Lamb quote – this is something I often turn to when I am feeling low…

What about you guys? What is your favourite motivational quote that helps to get you through the day?

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